Cleaning Your House with Pets

For a lot of individuals, our pets are already a member of our family. However, this does not mean that we can allow them to ruin the items in our house. We all know that pets are messy. It could often feel like all we do is to clean after them, especially if they constantly have housetraining accidents, dirty paws, and shedding. 

Fortunately, you can still have your pet inside your house and still have clean furniture and spotless floors. Hiring residential cleaning services Sunshine Coast is one way to do it.  

Control Pet Hair by Staying Vigilant 

Pet hair will not go away unless you do not have a pet. However, you can get rid of its accumulation. You should regularly use the vacuum cleaner over the spots your pets love to rest. A couple of owners also use squeegees over the carpet to collect pet hair. If you want to stop new hair from sticking, you can spray an anti-static spray on upholstery and throw pillows after you vacuum. If you’ve got tile or hardwood floors, a microfiber dust mop is an ideal solution. You can fight hair at the source if you frequently brush your pet to lower the amount of shedding. However, you’ve got to do this outside. Also, you can invest in slipcovers if you simply cannot keep your pet off your furniture.  

Be Active 

To avoid dirt from being tracked in, you have to place a washable rug in front of each door. Whenever the weather turns snowy or wet, you should keep old towels handy. You can use these towels to wipe down the paws of your pet before they get inside your home. You can also purchase a bowl stand if your pet is a messy eater. This will help get rid of spills and slops.  

Frequently Wash Soft Items 

Pet toys, blankets, and beds carry a couple of serious odors. You shouldn’t forget to clean these items. Throw them regularly in your washing machine and use a heavy-duty cycle. Also, you’ve got to follow the laundering instructions of the manufacturer. 

Arm Yourself 

When cleaning up after pets, it really makes a lot of difference if you’ve got the right tools prepared. You should have a lint roller always. Aside from getting rid of pet hair on your clothes, you can also use this to easily get rid of pet hair on chairs, pillows, and couches before your visitors arrive.  

Neutralize Smells 

You can’t stop your pet from having a funky smell. However, when you walk in the door, their odor is often not welcoming. To help get rid of these smells, you can utilize various products. Baking soda is one of these products. You can combine baking soda and geranium and sprinkle it over your furniture and carpet. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then vacuum it. Also, you can invest in an enzyme-based cleaner. Also, one way to fight bad smell is to have a well-air circulated house. If possible, open a window or door. 

Keeping Your New Carpet Clean

Have you moved into a new house that has a brand new carpet? Obviously, you want to maintain that look for as long as you can, right? Fortunately for you, we have a couple of cleaning tricks and tips to keep your carpet fresh and bright. 

Aside from regularly hiring a carpet cleaning Sunderland company, here are a couple of things you can do: 

Keep Your Carpet Fresh 

Children and carpet have a unique relationship. Carpet is where kids have sleepovers, watch movies, play with toys, and learn to walk. You don’t want your carpet to be well-worn out. You want it to be well-loved. 

You can sprinkle a solid coat of baking soda to refresh your tired carpet. Then, you can leave it overnight. After that, use your vacuum to clean the carpet in the morning. Then, you can combine water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it over the carpet. Your carpet will look brand new once the solution dries.  

Maintaining Its Look 

You might consider your carpet as a high-maintenance item in your house. However, the truth is that your carpet requires regular attention. For regular maintenance, you have to vacuum your carpet at least 2 times every week. However, you’ve got to take care of high-traffic spots with a bit more TLC.  

You should not really worry a lot if you hit an unavoidable snap. You can use scissors to clip them and smooth over using your hand. Also, if a heavy piece of furniture has left dents and burdened your carpet, you can use a wet rag to dampen it and use a blow-dry to retrieve its complete fluff. To prevent unsolvable and deep divots, you should frequently move furniture.  

Entertaining and Hosting 

Of course, you want to keep your carpet clean. However, you probably also want to host an event at your home. Fortunately, we’ve got a tip for you. 

Before the visitors arrive, use a cotton ball and soak it in your preferred essential oil. Then, put it in the drum or bag of your vacuum. To emit the fresh aroma, run your vacuum around your home. With this, you won’t have to use candles to freshen up your house. Keep in mind that candles generate wax that is not friendly to your carpet.  

Perhaps, you’re thinking about not serving greasy food and colored drinks because you don’t want your carpet to be stained. However, you should not be that kind of host. You need your visitors to pick their own drinks. Spills occur. You can’t prevent it. However, you can address issues right away. To prevent spreading, you can work from the outside in. When it comes to spills, you shouldn’t rub. A gentle dub is enough. 

Buy a Vacuum 

Every single tip we’ve mentioned above requires a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, now is the time to buy it. They are extremely well-worth, especially if you’ve got a carpet in your home. There are a lot of excellent brands out there. However, you’ve got to do your homework first before you buy a vacuum cleaner

Home Cleaning Tips for Men

Home cleaning might be a skill you have not fairly grasped yet, whether you are a married veteran or a single guy. When it comes to home cleaning, men have particularly gotten a couple of bad press. Fortunately, we’ve got a couple of helpful tips for men who want to know more about home cleaning.  

If you don’t want to hire a residential cleaning Parramatta company, here are some tips for you: 

Reasons to Clean Your Home 

Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase about how a dirty or clean home says a lot about your personality. Though we do not know if there’s any scientific proof, we do know that a dirty or clean home says something. Of course, you want something to be great, right? 

Here are a couple of reasons to clean your home: 

  • If you’ve got a partner, she’ll be astonished at your cleaning skills. 
  • A clean home is a healthier home since there are fewer germs and bacteria. 
  • Your home will smell clean and fresh. 
  • Your wardrobe will be in drawers and closets rather than the floor and the chair. 
  • You can easily look for things. 

Beat the Clock 

Almost every man loves competition. An ideal way to approach your cleaning chores is to make it a type of competition. You will be surprised at how much cleaning you can do if you approach cleaning as an enjoyable challenge. Whenever you are doing your household tasks, you can time yourself. Try to beat your best time. However, you should not do shortcuts. It won’t count unless you thoroughly clean it. You will become more skilled and faster at cleaning, you can have fun while cleaning, and your home will stay clean. 

Have Patience 

Before you scrub, you should allow the cleaning solution to sit for a couple of minutes once you have sprayed the surface you are cleaning with the right product. While you wait, you can move on to another household chore. You will not have to scrub as hard when you come back.  

Prepare Your Tools 

Before you can start, you’ve got to arm yourself with the correct cleaning gear. You should look for some type of container, such as a tote, that you can bring from one room to another. This will ensure that you’ve got all the things you require to start cleaning. You can stock this container with microfiber cloths, sprays, and other cleaning tools. Thus, you can clean all rooms effectively.  


Of course, if you can’t see it, you can’t clean it. you should go through your house and pick up all the things that do not belong there before you start preparing your cleaning supplies. You have to place these items on the right rea. Aside from having easier access to every single thing you’ve got to clean, the task as a whole will not appear too overwhelming.  

Have a Priority 

It can appear overwhelming to clean a dirty home. That’s why you should begin with the dirtiest area and slowly move your way down.  

How to Clean Your Home with a Baby?

You have perhaps spent a lot of time preparing your home if you recently had a baby. You probably sanitized, washed, and scrubbed every single thing that your new baby could come in contact with. However, once the baby arrives, how can you keep your house clean? It will not take long for your sparkling house to become filled with clutter, sinks filled with dirty dishes, and piles of dirty laundry.  

Though home cleaning should not be a priority if you’ve got a newborn, there are still things you’ve got to do. Aside from hiring Newcastle cleaning services for help, here are other things you can do: 

Enlist Older Kid’s Help 

You can ask your older kid to help with minor tasks such as putting dishes in the sink or throwing away garbage, even if he/she is still a toddler. Also, you can lower mess by giving your kid assigned areas to play with toys, such as a playroom or their bedroom. Also, you can provide them their own basket to help them put their toys away after playtime.  

Organize Everything 

Assign bins and baskets just for the items of your baby, such as bibs, burp cloths, and pacifiers. Aside from keeping things tidy, you will always know where to find them when you need them. A couple of parents find it useful to have a set schedule for cleaning. For instance, assign the 20-40 minutes before bedtime to throw in a load of laundry, wipe down the bathroom, do the dishes, and pick up clutters.  

Be ready to Multitask 

Anything you could do to lower your chores is extremely helpful. There are a lot of devices out there that can help with your home cleaning. This includes robotic vacuums and vacuums that mop. Thus, while your robotic vacuum takes care of the floors, you can do the dusting. Doing a couple of tasks at once is also useful. For instance, drop off garbage or dirty laundry on the way if you have to go to the kitchen to get a towel or bottle. Doing a couple of tasks can keep huge messes from piling up, even if their just little chores.  

Vacuum Before Bedtime 

For those who don’t know, a vacuum can release a white noise that copies the sound environment inside your womb. Thus, to help your baby get to sleep, a lot of professionals suggest running a vacuum. Also, you can help your baby sleep through other noises if you make noise during bedtime. Thus, they won’t be awake with just the slightest noise.  

Use a Baby Sling 

One ideal way to still stay mobile and keep your baby close is to use newborn carriers. Carriers or slings are great to help you do a couple of light cleanups, vacuuming, and laundry. However, you should not try chores that put your baby in harm’s way.  

Assign Chores 

When it comes to both household tasks and parenting tasks, your spouse or partner has your back. Because of that, you can always assign chores, such as making dinner, vacuuming, and doing the dishes.  

What to Do Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior?

Do you want to offer your house a fresh look? One way to do this is through exterior painting. Giving the exterior side of your home a new coat of paint is one way to give your house an entirely new look.  

Perhaps you have gathered your supplies and chose the right color. You can start immediately, right? Well, we are wrong. To ensure that your project is a success, there are a couple of things you’ve got to do. Aside from hiring exterior painters Launceston, keep these things in mind: 

Protect the Surrounding Area 

Keep in mind that it can be messy when you paint. This is particularly true if you aren’t a professional painter. You’ve got to ensure you cover walkways, flowerbeds, shrubs, outdoor furniture, decks, and porches. Of course, you don’t want to ruin your new patio furniture because you accidentally spilled a paint can during the job. Also, you shouldn’t forget to tape around the door and windows. This will help you protect places that you do not want to paint. In addition to that, it will help offer your project a professional look. 

Re-Seal and Re-Caulk 

The ideal time to reseal and re-caulk windows and doors is before the painting project. With this, everything is new and fresh. Also, a lot of messy errors can be covered using a new paint coat. 

Fix Exterior Damage and Surface Flaws 

Bringing attention to any defects in the surface it covers is one thing that a new paint coat is great at. This includes dents on your railings, scrapes in the wood trim, and dings in your siding. Because of this, you’ve got to ensure to take time to repair any damage before you paint any surface. This will ensure that the paint will not attract attention later. A couple of things that you might want to think about include re-glazing and puttying windows and repairing damaged shutter hinges. 

Get Rid of Loose Paint 

Flaking and chipping paint needs to be eliminated before you add a new coat of paint to the exterior side of your house. There are a couple of ways to get rid of those flakes. This includes scraping the paint by hand with the help of a wire brush or using a pressure washer to get rid of flaking chips. Both of these techniques work. However, the method you’re going to pick will greatly vary on your own personal preference and the amount of loose paint. 

Clean the Exterior of Your Side 

When the surface is dirty, paint can’t stick. Because of this, it is extremely vital to scrub each surface you will be painting. This will help you achieve the best painting project. A reliable and fast way to get rid of years of grime and dirt is pressure washing. Aside from that, they can also help get rid of loose paint chips as well, as we’ve mentioned earlier. However, you’ve got to be wary. You can damage stucco, wood, and other areas if you spray with too much force.