Have you moved into a new house that has a brand new carpet? Obviously, you want to maintain that look for as long as you can, right? Fortunately for you, we have a couple of cleaning tricks and tips to keep your carpet fresh and bright. 

Aside from regularly hiring a carpet cleaning Sunderland company, here are a couple of things you can do: 

Keep Your Carpet Fresh 

Children and carpet have a unique relationship. Carpet is where kids have sleepovers, watch movies, play with toys, and learn to walk. You don’t want your carpet to be well-worn out. You want it to be well-loved. 

You can sprinkle a solid coat of baking soda to refresh your tired carpet. Then, you can leave it overnight. After that, use your vacuum to clean the carpet in the morning. Then, you can combine water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it over the carpet. Your carpet will look brand new once the solution dries.  

Maintaining Its Look 

You might consider your carpet as a high-maintenance item in your house. However, the truth is that your carpet requires regular attention. For regular maintenance, you have to vacuum your carpet at least 2 times every week. However, you’ve got to take care of high-traffic spots with a bit more TLC.  

You should not really worry a lot if you hit an unavoidable snap. You can use scissors to clip them and smooth over using your hand. Also, if a heavy piece of furniture has left dents and burdened your carpet, you can use a wet rag to dampen it and use a blow-dry to retrieve its complete fluff. To prevent unsolvable and deep divots, you should frequently move furniture.  

Entertaining and Hosting 

Of course, you want to keep your carpet clean. However, you probably also want to host an event at your home. Fortunately, we’ve got a tip for you. 

Before the visitors arrive, use a cotton ball and soak it in your preferred essential oil. Then, put it in the drum or bag of your vacuum. To emit the fresh aroma, run your vacuum around your home. With this, you won’t have to use candles to freshen up your house. Keep in mind that candles generate wax that is not friendly to your carpet.  

Perhaps, you’re thinking about not serving greasy food and colored drinks because you don’t want your carpet to be stained. However, you should not be that kind of host. You need your visitors to pick their own drinks. Spills occur. You can’t prevent it. However, you can address issues right away. To prevent spreading, you can work from the outside in. When it comes to spills, you shouldn’t rub. A gentle dub is enough. 

Buy a Vacuum 

Every single tip we’ve mentioned above requires a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, now is the time to buy it. They are extremely well-worth, especially if you’ve got a carpet in your home. There are a lot of excellent brands out there. However, you’ve got to do your homework first before you buy a vacuum cleaner