Do you want to offer your house a fresh look? One way to do this is through exterior painting. Giving the exterior side of your home a new coat of paint is one way to give your house an entirely new look.  

Perhaps you have gathered your supplies and chose the right color. You can start immediately, right? Well, we are wrong. To ensure that your project is a success, there are a couple of things you’ve got to do. Aside from hiring exterior painters Launceston, keep these things in mind: 

Protect the Surrounding Area 

Keep in mind that it can be messy when you paint. This is particularly true if you aren’t a professional painter. You’ve got to ensure you cover walkways, flowerbeds, shrubs, outdoor furniture, decks, and porches. Of course, you don’t want to ruin your new patio furniture because you accidentally spilled a paint can during the job. Also, you shouldn’t forget to tape around the door and windows. This will help you protect places that you do not want to paint. In addition to that, it will help offer your project a professional look. 

Re-Seal and Re-Caulk 

The ideal time to reseal and re-caulk windows and doors is before the painting project. With this, everything is new and fresh. Also, a lot of messy errors can be covered using a new paint coat. 

Fix Exterior Damage and Surface Flaws 

Bringing attention to any defects in the surface it covers is one thing that a new paint coat is great at. This includes dents on your railings, scrapes in the wood trim, and dings in your siding. Because of this, you’ve got to ensure to take time to repair any damage before you paint any surface. This will ensure that the paint will not attract attention later. A couple of things that you might want to think about include re-glazing and puttying windows and repairing damaged shutter hinges. 

Get Rid of Loose Paint 

Flaking and chipping paint needs to be eliminated before you add a new coat of paint to the exterior side of your house. There are a couple of ways to get rid of those flakes. This includes scraping the paint by hand with the help of a wire brush or using a pressure washer to get rid of flaking chips. Both of these techniques work. However, the method you’re going to pick will greatly vary on your own personal preference and the amount of loose paint. 

Clean the Exterior of Your Side 

When the surface is dirty, paint can’t stick. Because of this, it is extremely vital to scrub each surface you will be painting. This will help you achieve the best painting project. A reliable and fast way to get rid of years of grime and dirt is pressure washing. Aside from that, they can also help get rid of loose paint chips as well, as we’ve mentioned earlier. However, you’ve got to be wary. You can damage stucco, wood, and other areas if you spray with too much force.