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Past Events for: Portland Baroque Orchestra (PBO)

A Toast to Germany's Best
Afternoon Garden Splendor
All in the (Bach) Family
An Imperial Offering
Bach Cantatas
Benefit Dinner with Ton Koopman
Brandenburgs and Telemann
Bring out the Silver (A Benefit for Portland Baroque Orchestra)
Carnevale Barocco at bluehour
Christmas with Messiah and J.S. Bach 2008
Discovery Baroque! Portland Baroque Orchestra Annual Gala Dinner
French Style
FY10 Alessandrini at the Keyboard
FY10 Bach's Joyful Noise
FY10 Four Orchestral Suites by J.S. Bach
FY10 Mendelssohn Chamber Music
FY10 Mendelssohn's Piano
FY10 Simply Baroque
FY10 Vivaldi's Flauto Dolce
FY11 Handel's Cuckoo & Nightingale with Richard Egarr
FY11 Mozart Doubled Haydn Distracted
FY11 St. John Passion
FY11 Ton Koopman and Tini Mathot Duo Harpsichord Concertos by Bach
FY11 Vivaldi's Varied Strings Mandolins and More
FY11 Young People's Concert October 2010
FY12 Flute Recorder (Portland Baroque Orchestra)
FY12 Oboe Clarinet Chalumeau (Portland Baroque Orchestra)
FY12 Orchestra Keyboard (Portland Baroque Orchestra)
FY12 Violin Voice (Portland Baroque Orchestra)
FY12 Violoncello Viola da gamba (Portland Baroque Orchestra)
FY12 Young People's Concert: Playing Flutes (Portland Baroque Orchestra)
FY1314 Choral Glory
FY1314 Haydn. Three Symphonies.
FY1314 Italy. c1600-1760.
FY1314 Monteverdi. 1610 Vespers.
FY1314 Virtuoso Bass. Vienna c1780.
FY1314 Water Music. Dance Music.
FY1314 Young People's Concert: Selections from Virtuoso Bass.
FY1314 Young People's Concerts: Selections from Italy: c1600 to 1760.
Half-Price Tickets for Mendelssohn Festival
Handel in Rome
Handel's Messiah 2003
Handel's Messiah 2004
Handel's Messiah 2005
Handel's Messiah 2007
Handel's Messiah 2008
Handel's Messiah 2009
Handel's Messiah 2010 PBO
Handel's Messiah PBO 2011
Handel's Watermusic
High Tea & Eighty-eight Keys
HLO Baroque Trio (The Netherlands)
HM1314 Handel's Messiah 2012
Italy's Seicento: The Birth of Melody
Messiah Highlights and Vivaldi Gloria 2005
Messiah Sing-along 2009
Messiah Sing-along 2010
Mozart & Haydn with Richard Egarr
Mozart Celebrated
Mozart's Night Music with Richard Egarr
Music for a Prince
Music for Christmas with Messiah 2007
Papa Haydn and Chevalier St. George
PBO in Bloom
PBO in Five Acts 2012
PBO in Five Acts 2013
PBO in Five Acts 2014
PBO's America - The Colonies
PBO's Austria
PBO's Germany
PBO's Italy
PBO's Spain, South America and Africa
Pergolesi, Naples, and Julius Caesar
Royal Fete and Feast
The Italian in Europe
The Passionate Heart of Italy
Vivaldi 3+11
Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Young People's Concert March 2009
Young People's Concert November 2007 My First Symphony
Young People's Concert: Introducing Handel's Messiah (PBO) 2011
Young People's Messiah: December 2009
FY1314 Prog 1: Bach Concertos-Violin and Oboe (PORTLAND BAROQUE ORCHESTRA)
Brandenburg and Bach X3
FY1314 Prog 2: Bach Concertos-Violin and Oboe (PORTLAND BAROQUE ORCHESTRA)
The Britannic Muse
FY1314 Young People's Concert: Selections from The Concerto Grosso (PORTLAND BAROQUE ORCHESTRA)
Handel's Messiah 2006
HM1314 Handel's Messiah 2013 (PORTLAND BAROQUE ORCHESTRA)
Messiah Highlights and Bach Magnificat 2006
FY1314 The Classical Concerto (PORTLAND BAROQUE ORCHESTRA)
Marian Inspirations
Mozart, in context
Young People's Concert on Sat. Feb 8 at 3pm has been CANCELLED. See for details
Young Romantics

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