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Water in the Desert

WATER IN THE DESERT (WITD) is a Portland-based non-profit organization dedicated to offering innovative, multidisciplinary, and accessible artistic experiences & residencies along with integrative educational programming. As a producer of original artistic and educational events, WITD brings together contemporary pioneers - in fields as diverse as dance and farming, theatre and psychology - in an effort to invigorate experiences of depth, awareness and intimacy within the framework of our personal lives, our communities, and the larger sensate world around us. Each of our projects derive from the same value-based philosophy - to cultivate a more assimilated approach to social, ecological, and cultural concerns through artistic practice and embodied engagement. We believe that the sustainable dialogue is not complete without a more holistic approach to creative practice within the community.



55 NE Farragut St
# 9
Portland, OR 97211
United States of America


main: (503) 404-2350

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Current Events

Diego Piñón's North American BRM Ensemble

The BRM Ensemble is a developing North American ritual dance-theatre company, guided under...

Diego Piñón- A solo ritual-dance for the Feminine

As always, it is an honor to witness and experience the energy and transformations of Dieg...

Past Events

Mizu Desierto | AMERICAN ME

An absurdist, ensemble, butoh-theatre extravaganza into the under...

Diego Piñón | Marrow Within Madness

Under the extraordinary direction of international artist Diego P...


Underneath is an evening-length work made in collaboration with W...

The 1 Festival

Returning again to the Headwaters Theatre this May-June.... Wate...

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